Do not compromise with Quality: produce the best with Embar Publishers- A Research Society of International Academicians

Do not compromise with Quality: produce the best with Embar Publishers- A Research Society of International Academicians

Embar Publishers- A Researcher Society of International Academicians is an open-access, international research-based publishing house dedicated to providing a 'peer-reviewed' platform for exceptional researchers and scientists to exhibit their findings for the advancement of society, stimulate debate and provide an educational forum. Mr Kawsar Ahmed, the publishing house's director, is dedicated to collaborating with the global research community to promote open scholarly research around the globe. They are empowered to concentrate on serving our authors while maintaining rigorous publishing standards and editorial integrity thanks to their academic editors based in institutions all over the world. They are committed to continuous innovation to betterer support the needs of their communities ensuring the integrity of the research they publish, and advocating for the benefits of open research.


Embar Publishers have 07 Branch office in 07 different Country accordingly India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Iraq, Uzbakistan, Somalia and Sudan


Their vision for Embar Publishers is to become one of the world's best platforms for researchers, providing a progressive multi-disciplinary analysis environment that will encourage the best technologies developed towards realizing the goal of the Developed World.


Embar Publishers' mission is to comprehensively cover the frontier of trends in the scientific field. Embar Publishers' mission is to promote quality analysis to advance data. Their ultimate goal is to publish peer-reviewed analyses of all emerging fields. They make an effort to disseminate quality data to readers in this rapidly expanding analysis world.



They published International Journals and books. Embar is a Worldwide International Publishing House. It has 14 International peer-reviewed Journals. They have Collaboration with Scopus, SCIE, and SCI Journals also. The Publishing  House charges a very low fee for their publications in comparison to the others in the same arena. This is a plus for all those academicians who want to produce quality research but are limited due to the over-commercialisation of the publication houses.


The portal for submitting manuscripts, book chapters, and so on is easily accessible via their official website with the maximum acceptable plagiarism being not more than 20%. The article's progress updates can be easily tracked via their online portal. The publication operates for a nominal fee, and payment can be made via online payment methods, with additional information available on their official website. They have catalogued the article templates as well as the peer review policy and refund policy. There is also the option to download the certificate after it has been published on the website.



Embar truly believes in the production and facilitation of quality research and thus flexible opportunities to the potential candidates looking for such platforms.


Do visit their official website and enlighten yourself with the abundance of research [publications and similar they have shelved. )


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