Food Next Door- Your Delivery Partner for Healthy, Home-Cooked Food

Food Next Door- Your Delivery Partner for Healthy, Home-Cooked Food

'To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.'      

The easiest way to make a place in someone’s heart is through the stomach. Although cooking is a skill requiring great patience and effort, good food is something which binds people together.


The love someone pours into a meal while cooking is what makes all the difference and so, even simple home-cooked food made with basic ingredients can bring a smile onto the faces of people. The two-year long pandemic witnessed a sudden shift of people’s choice to healthier eating options especially home-made healthy food becoming the market trend.

Food Next Door (FND) is a technology platform which established its roots in the Food Tech Industry in February, 2022. It is a women-led start-up which envisions to provide a strong foundation to home-based chefs who collectively offer healthy, tasty and customized food to the society and play a vital role in reducing the consumption of unhealthy outside food.

The venture started its working when the team at Food Next Door identified a gap between the home-chefs who struggled to expand their reach to a large section of people who love home-cooked food. This lack of connection caused a break in the flow of home-chefs and their potential customers.


With an aim to provide a solution, FND emerged as a platform where the users would have access to the same food that the home-chefs prepare for their friends and families thereby assuring of the quality of ingredients and authenticity of recipes.

Tanvi Kansara is the Co-Founder of Food Next Door and has a vast experience of more than fifteen years in the area of Food, Technology and operations.

During the peak time when everyone was confined within the walls of their homes, the demand for food with different flavours and ingredients kept increasing. Missing out on gourmet food or home-cooked dal-rice, living in different cities during that time had its own struggles for everyone.


Soon after, when people started the trend of sharing home-cooked food on WhatsApp groups and established unorganized groups to sell home-cooked food to friends and relatives, the founders of Food Next Door who were also active in these food-related activities realized the growing demand for healthier options by a large chunk of people in the Indian society.

Health freaks or people who in the regular course prioritize their health looked forward to trying different cuisines, but the options were always limited. In an attempt to provide for the best, after all restrictions were eased, The Food Next Door team invited all home chefs over for a small tea party and discussed about their problems in order to chalk out strategies to help scale their home business to a larger audience.

The idea of establishing the brand thus cropped-up during the coronavirus pandemic, when the FND founders observed that numerous people wanted to try different cuisines but at the same time looked for options to eat mindfully while prioritizing their health. After working on the idea since December 2021, the business initially opened its doors in Vadodara City, Gujarat in June 2022. Since then, Food Next Door brand has made a place in everyone’s heart as they have had the pleasure of serving approximately 500 customers and 75 home chefs. Their most notable achievement till date is that they maintain a perfect delivery record of 500 orders in just two months.

 Quality is what keeps the customers hooked onto any brand and Food Next Door’s delivery of this promise- fresh, healthy, and personalized home cooked food to its customers is the prime reason behind the venture’s success.

 An added advantage which the platform offers to its users is that one can customise and send out instructions for food preparations according to their own dietary requirements like the addition of sugar, salt, oil, etc. This concept was introduced to allow customers have complete control over what goes into their meals.

Besides becoming the most preferred, go-to platform in a very short span of time, the brand further aims to expand its horizons, branch out and launch its services in the city of Pune followed by Ahmedabad, Surat and Mumbai in the upcoming months.