Health begins with a clean mind: Yuvaap on a mission to make Vedanta philosophy known to the world

Health begins with a clean mind: Yuvaap on a mission to make Vedanta philosophy known to the world

March 3: Yuvaap, a platform dedicated to health and wellbeing, in accordance with Mr. Prayagruj Hule commenced a combined initiative on the Vedanta philosophy. The series aims to educate young adults about Vedanta philosophy and how it relates to contemporary concerns. The series covers varied topics such as conflicts in marriage, choosing the right partner, marriage, love, children, and some work-life balance and many more. It covers all the issues faced by youth and adults today and also guides them through these issues with the help of Vedanta philosophy.

This series is moderated by Yuvaap – a renowned platform that is dedicated to health, nutrition, fitness, yoga, mental wellbeing, and spirituality. Since they cater to a wide range of audiences, that’s why they have collaborated with Mr. Prayagraj Hule, a well-known Vedanta philosopher, to use the digital platform as a medium to educate people about modern issues faced by adults and to resolve those issues with the help of Vedanta philosophy.

Co-founder of Life Alchemy, Mr. Ashish Batra. In his words, "the philosophy of Vedanta is highly misunderstood as an ancient ideology with no relevance to contemporary issues. However, it gives us a deeper understanding of all aspects of people's lives and teaches us how to live life fully." "This series with Prayagraj Hule Ji is the culmination of this ideology. Rather than avoiding Vedanta ideologies, we should accept them and learn to live by them in order to achieve peace and happiness.

Vedanta is one of the ancient and broadest spiritual philosophies in the world. It is universal and relevant to everyone, irrespective of their religious background. It teaches us that our goal of life is to manifest our own divinity that means to live at our highest potential. This divinity, or highest self, is our real nature, and its realisation is our birth right, but we are unable to achieve this. It is our mind that is the most powerful tool of our lives, and if we are constantly conflicted and stressed, we will not be able to achieve our goals, let alone our health and happiness. To remove this veil and to achieve the greatest truth of our existence in the conflicts of a fast-paced life. Yuvaap has collaborated with Prayagraj Hule.

Prayagraj Hule has been in the field of education for nearly three decades. Fondly known as  Prayagraj Ji , his talks, seminars, and workshops have inspired various people to contemplate their futures. In his words, "a little knowledge is dangerous, so is believing one has enough." "One can only understand the essence of education when a person realises his true potential in his personal and professional life."

All episodes are recorded with Pragyagraj Ji and will be available on Yuvaap's mobile application; click here to visit the website. Through this app, you will be able to access a wide variety of content related to health and wellbeing. However, you can get few glimpses of this series on the Yuvaap official YouTube channel; check it now!