Historical brands adapting to today’s world! 

Historical brands adapting to today’s world! 

Some brands have been around for decades, some even centuries, and have survived the test of time. 

Bhikkilal’s is one of the oldest brands with 127+ years of legacy to prove that it is necessary to adapt the new culture and trends to thrive in the competition. 

They are preserving and serving the taste of Sherbet to the next generation. Started by two brothers Late Seth Sahab Shri Bhikkilal Ji and Shri Chottayla Ji, with a vision of keeping the aroma of Indian drinks Sherbet alive with an authentic taste and feel. 

Experiment with Packaging

Packaging is an important aspect of branding, as it is the first thing that a consumer sees and makes a visual perception of a brand. Historical brands like Bhikkilal’s have been using traditional packaging for a long time, but are now adopting modern packaging techniques to keep up with the changing times. 

Many brands are moving towards sustainable packaging, using more and more eco-friendly materials such as paper and cardboard instead of plastic.

Furthermore, brands are also experimenting with innovative packaging designs to make their products stand out on the shelves. 

For example, some brands are using traditional Indian motifs and colours to give their products a unique identity, while others are incorporating modern design elements to appeal to younger audiences.

Speeding with Automation

Automation is also helping maintain consistency in quality, as machines can perform tasks with greater precision and accuracy. 

Moreover, automation is enabling historical Indian brands to expand their reach and enter new markets. With the help of automation, these brands can now produce products at a larger scale, making them more accessible to consumers across the globe.

Historical Indian brands are adapting to the changing times by embracing modern packaging techniques and automation, yet maintaining their quality standards. They are not only meeting the changing expectations of their customers but also expanding their reach and entering new markets. 

Bhikkilal’s is a testament to the fact that by embracing change and innovation, even the oldest of brands can thrive in today's world.