IMBIS AGRO: Empowering Tribal Villages through Sustainable Organic Farming by cooperatives initiatives

IMBIS AGRO: Empowering Tribal Villages through Sustainable Organic Farming by cooperatives initiatives

In the heart of tribal belts, where tradition intertwines with the bounty of nature, lies the essence of IMBIS AGRO. A beacon of sustainable organic farming, IMBIS AGRO is not just a company but a movement dedicated to transforming the lives of tribal communities while fostering environmental stewardship. With over a decade of experience in organic farming in tribal areas, the founders of IMBIS AGRO have embarked on a mission to uplift tribal societies through agriculture, art, and the rich cultural heritage they hold.


A Vision of Sustainability and Empowerment


At the core of IMBIS AGRO's philosophy is the empowerment of tribal villages. By forming cooperatives, the company ensures that tribal people receive equal opportunities in the market, marking a significant step towards socio economic development. The initiative to export 100% of the millets, natural forest foods, and tribal art under the brand "Baster- A Tribal Treasure" showcases a commitment to bringing the richness of tribal culture and organic farming to the global stage.


Organic Millets: A Staple of Nutritional Excellence


IMBIS AGRO takes pride in offering a range of organic millets, including Kodo, Kutki, and Ragi, sourced directly from tribal farmers. These millets are not only a testament to the purity and nutritional benefits they offer but also symbolize the sustainable agricultural practices prevalent in tribal communities. For instance, Kodo Millet, with its rich fiber content, and Ragi Millet, known for its high calcium, illustrate the health benefits these grains provide, from promoting digestion to supporting bone health.


Forest Products: The Essence of the Wilderness


The selection of forest products like Jungle Honey and Jungle Tamarind captures the essence of the wilderness, handcrafted with care by tribal communities. These products, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and unique flavors, are a testament to the biodiversity of the tribal belt forests and the sustainable harvesting practices of the indigenous people.


Silk Threads: Weaving Threads of Luxury and Tradition


IMBIS AGRO's exquisite collection of silk threads sourced from renowned silk-producing regions reflects the company's dedication to quality and ethical sourcing. These silk threads, known for their superior texture, luster, and strength, serve as a bridge between luxury and the traditional craftsmanship of tribal communities, offering a wide range of applications from embroidery to jewelry making.


Bastar Art: A Canvas of Tribal Artistry


The Bastar Art collection, with its deep cultural significance and artistic expression, is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Bastar region. Through the intricate designs and symbolic motifs of Dhokra, bell metal work, and tribal painting, IMBIS AGRO showcases the artistic prowess and creativity of tribal artisans, offering a unique glimpse into their traditions and beliefs.


A Commitment to Upliftment and Sustainability


IMBIS AGRO's pledge to use 75% of its revenue for the upliftment of tribal communities through an IMBIS Federation is a testament to its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. This unique concept not only supports the livelihoods of tribal farming communities but also contributes to the preservation of indigenous knowledge and culture.


Why Choose IMBIS AGRO?


Choosing IMBIS AGRO means supporting a company that stands at the intersection of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and cultural preservation. It's a choice to nourish your body with organic, nutritious products, to support ethical and sustainable farming practices, and to contribute to the empowerment of tribal communities. IMBIS AGRO's products are a reflection of the company's commitment to quality, ethical sourcing, and the promotion of a sustainable future.




IMBIS AGRO is more than just an agro-based company; it is a catalyst for change, fostering the growth of sustainable organic farming and the empowerment of tribal communities. Through its commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and the preservation of cultural heritage, IMBIS AGRO is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. By supporting IMBIS AGRO, consumers not only enjoy the purity and nutritional benefits of organic products but also contribute to the noble cause of uplifting tribal societies and preserving their rich cultural legacy.