Indian Woman crosses all hurdles and establishes herself as a Successful Entrepreneur in Italy

Indian Woman crosses all hurdles and establishes herself as a Successful Entrepreneur in Italy

There is nothing impossible for a woman when it comes to her willpower and determination. Settling down in a foreign country and building a successful career is indeed challenging. And, challenges for a woman become a greater challenge. Renu Moom, an Indian by birth and a resident of Italy has proved to be a woman achiever, overcoming all the hurdles and choosing her path to excel in her Business in Digital Marketing.


Renu Moom, a proud mother of two daughters moved to Italy with her family five years back. Life had not been a bed of roses for her in Italy. In spite of trying a lot to seek a good job in Italy, she had to face immense disappointment in a place where job opportunities for women are a challenge, specifically when you do not belong to that country. Every job in Italy demanded proficiency in the local language which became a great barrier to her career. However, Renu Moom was not ready to give up her efforts. After all, accepting the challenges gave her the spirit to learn, fight and grow.


She gradually took language classes to break the hurdles. Yet, nothing was so simple as the jobs available in Italy demanded regular classes, and Renu with two little daughters couldn’t step out to choose a job and leave her daughters under the care of someone else. As a responsible mother, she decided to boldly carry the responsibility of a mother and look for a source of earning online. She researched a lot and finally began her business without being a trained business professional. She was not even aware of her hidden skills at the start of her business. However, she knew she had to do it and she would. Hours of research on YouTube and Google couldn’t help her in finding the right step she should take.


Where there is a will, there is a way. And, when you are never tired of exploring with the attitude of never giving up, you are sure to find the right route. Renu Moom kept her research on and thus found the right choice where she could fit in her efforts. She began her venture in 2021, 15 March. She found Digital Marketing to be an interesting field and made her skilled in this arena.  She made a good investment with the support of her husband and today she proudly accepts being called as ‘Punjabi Kudi, to be the first to carry a business in Digital Marketing in Italy.’


Today, Renu Moom is a popular name in Italy and in the world with more than 100 people working for her. She is also a Business Coach and she successfully grabs her position among the top Leader Distributors every month, in Italy.  She has been honoured with Best Distributor Award by Mr. GO Hamagawa, General Manager of Enagic and her achievements have been published in Media articles.


Renu Moom is a proud mother giving her daughters their dream life. She has proved that nothing is impossible for a woman if she is determined. Renu is beautifully managing her household chores along with her prospering business. She feels fortunate to have been blessed with an extremely supportive husband Amandeep Lakha.


She believes in never giving up and views, ‘if you think, you can, you will definitely be able to do any work you are willing to.’ She is a dream catcher and opines that everyone should grab the opportunity they find and ascertains that Digital Marketing is a great future in the world of Business


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