Chandigarh-based Er. Wasim Kalas is making the impossible possible for Dreamers.

Chandigarh-based Er. Wasim Kalas is making the impossible possible for Dreamers.

Education and Career are the main concerns of every parent as well as student. The mobility trends of Indian students for education and profession, though, are not new, yet increasing every year with a massive pool of students and professionals moving out of the country. Every year Indian aspirants have to face hassles in clearing various tests and managing to locate and relocate to their dream destinations. ARIIS, an exceptional Education and Immigration Consultant initiated by Wasim Ahmed Kalas is putting all efforts into providing hassle-free immigration solutions and promoting higher education across borders. ARIIS Educational & Immigration services was founded in 2014. ARIIS is handled by the best consultants with updated procedures and opportunities, providing services like business visas, PR, or investment opportunities. Their primary objective is understanding people’s needs, using experienced skills and knowledge, and providing successful, easy, safe, and hassle-free immigration solutions.

The Consultancy is in sync with the updated procedures and opportunities in different countries and enlightens the clients with the complete perspective of overseas journey. ARIIS has been proficiently serving the needs of skilled professionals, business opportunities for HNIs, and students who want to pursue education abroad. Although they deal globally, they have efficiently mastered their services for countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, the USA, and Caribbean Island. ARIIS also provides settlement services to clients settled in several countries.

A man from a small village Naka Manjhari of Poonch district in Jammu and Kashmir is now the managing director of one of India's fastest and most trusted overseas education and immigration consultants. Mr. Wasim Kalas has proved that obstacles cannot stop anyone from achieving their dreams. He pursued B. Tech in Civil Engineering from Gurukul Vidyapeeth, Chandigarh. During his college days, he was challenged by financial difficulties that left him with no option but to work. His morals and values were so strong that even in adverse circumstances, he could dream big.

While figuring out his further ambitions, he started his coaching institute named Abhyaas Academy of Education in Rajpura, Punjab. During this period, he was determined to become a businessman who could analyse himself as per the demand of society and culture himself as a service provider. He believed in providing tailor-made solutions to people with the flexibility to choose the correct option that is both appropriate and affordable.

In his long journey of exploration, the young entrepreneur finally opened his own venture ARIIS. Today ARIIS has 7 branches in India. ARIIS is now a brand name in the region and is recognized globally. Mr. Kalas is happy and proud that various developments have taken place during the past few months, and ARIIS is progressing towards a better future. He states that his commitment to the students and educational institutions will continue to be his prime driving force as it moves into the future.

The chief goal of ARIIS has been to assist students in getting study visas in all the major countries in their desired universities. Mr. Wasim Kalas has successfully helped his clients in settling abroad permanently without any inconvenience. The young entrepreneur proudly states that many of his alumni have been placed in world-class universities across the globe. He believes in promoting and working towards a borderless world where knowledge and labour flow inefficiently into patterns across the world. Mr. Wasim Kalas fostered that the world is genuinely merit-based, where the best talent is mapped to the best job and the best student to the best university, irrespective of nationality and other circumstances. He is proud that his company provides service that extends far beyond, like training for gateway exams, booking air tickets, arranging foreign exchange and accommodation for the first weeks, and helping the clients to integrate themselves into a new culture by updating them about policy changes through websites and blogs.

Lots of prestigious Institutions have joined hands with ARIIS and are working more actively. Mr. Wasim Kalas is happy to have grown to this stature in such a short period, but he is in no way resting on laurels. Many exciting changes and innovations are in the pipeline, and he plans to expand his education and immigration services to many more countries. This belief drives and motivates him to constantly stretch beyond the ordinary and keep reinventing ARIIS to provide the best consulting services. Mr. Wasim Kalas firmly believes that no dream is too big and no case is too trivial when it comes to overseas dreams because one just needs to step out of his/her comfort zone. And so is ARIIS thriving to fulfill the dreams of many aspiring dreamers.

Planning to study abroad but surrounded by various questions? The answer to all your questions is ARIIS Educational and Immigration services which will guide you through all the procedures with the best consultancy services provided by experts. For more details visit or email to