Inmakes Infotech is Changing Software Development and E-Learning with Innovation

Inmakes Infotech is Changing Software Development and E-Learning with Innovation

The world of software development and e-learning is changing fast, and Inmakes Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a worthy representative of modern trends. Based in one of the most active cities in India; Kochi, falling under the district of Ernakulam, the company offers sophisticated software services along with intensive training solutions. The organization’s focus on delivering modern solutions in the sphere of IT is expressed via the approach to possessing and fulfilling global business requirements. In particular, through the application of advanced technologies, Inmakes works to improve the existing standards of clients’ welfare as well as the general populace.


Inmakes Infotech deals in a number of services which mainly consist of software solutions, web solutions, and web hosting. These services are mainly targeted at satisfying the various needs of companies in a growing digital economy. The commitment to quality is also demonstrated in the firm’s e-learning portal, Inmakes Learning Hub. In this platform, aspiring personnel are provided with an opportunity to achieve training programs facilitated by professional experts to open new frontiers in their work. Available programs include core software ones such as Python, Java, PHP, Multimedia, Software Testing, Professional Accounting, MEAN stack, and Digital Marketing to give depth to those who want to join the industry as professionals.


The history and development of Inmakes Infotech are characterized by some important milestones and difficulties. Started by Prijith Krishna and Abhilash Balakrishnan, the company began from scratch with a capital investment of INR 10,000 and a team of 3 people. Still, there were problems, such as difficulty in operating during the pandemic alongside staff shortages, but due to the founders’ tenacity, the company experienced astonishing growth. Becoming a major player, a certain trigger came with the company working on an acquired project from South Africa that relocated the company to the peak of its reselling success. In making a decision to start Inmakes Learning Hub during the COVID-19 period, the issue of availability of employees was sorted out, proving beneficial for the company’s earnings.


The successful startup of Inmakes Learning Hub began in January 2021, receiving a response from more than 32,000 students within a short period. Banking on quality content that is useful in attaining practical skills, the platform has made its mark in regional languages like Malayalam and Tamil. Such practices have extended the programs’ presence to the targeted communities and increased program access. To wit, the recognition of the company’s commitment to education and innovation was once again manifested when the firm secured the Kerala Government Edu-Excellence Award in 2022. Additionally, recognition by ISO, Kerala Startup Mission, Startup India, and the National Council for Technology and Training highlights the company’s compliance with International Standards Organization quality standards and policies.


Inmakes Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2019 by Prijith Krishna and Abhilash Balakrishnan in Technopark, and it has now turned into a fast-growing software development company and training institute in Kochi, Ernakulam. Resource scarcity in the organization’s early stages and the pandemic tested its resilience and creativity. This idea was enhanced by the founders’ vision and determination to offer cheap and efficient IT products and services.


Among existing services, Inmakes Learning Hub, the company’s e-learning platform, was introduced in January 2021 and achieved significant popularity rather fast. In three months, it was generating profits and offering various internship opportunities and skill-building courses in regional languages. Through this, the problem regarding availability due to the pandemic situation was solved, while also providing new opportunities for young talents. The positive performance is evident by the fact that the platform has registered over 32,000 learners and over 5,200 hiring partners.


This time, the management of Inmakes Infotech received a decisive boost when they secured a large project from the South African market segment, providing access to numerous opportunities. Altogether, the challenges created by the pandemic did not hinder the company’s success due to their initiative and creativity in training and development approaches. In June 2021, the company leased a new office of an area of 11,000 sq ft in Kochi, significantly strengthening its market position. Different certifications and awards have accredited the company’s efforts and impact in the fields of education and technology, such as the recently received Kerala Government Edu-Excellence Award in 2022.


Inmakes Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and Inmakes Learning Hub, their e-learning platform, exemplify how innovation and determination can help overcome challenging situations. The journey from a small business to a well-known software development firm and training organization is a testament to the visionaries’ spirit. With further growth in company services and its presence in various regions, Inmakes does not lose sight of its mission – to bring people’s quality of life closer to perfection through the latest IT achievements and rich educational offers. The company’s accomplishments and awards demonstrate its devotion and significant impact on the industry and society.