Meet the most versatile persona who shall change your outlook on life - Dr. DEBI PRASAD ACHARJYA.

Meet the most versatile persona who shall change your outlook on life - Dr. DEBI PRASAD ACHARJYA.

Life is all about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life. Successful individuals like our protagonist here today take it as a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just to take from it.

Dr. DEBI PRASAD ACHARJYA is a Wellness Coach (Corporate & Direct Selling Industry), Hydration Specialist, Author, and Gold Medalist from St Aloysius College, Jabalpur (Jabalpur University) in 1974. In 1991, he received a P.G. Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT, Kolkata. Six years later in 1997, he received a diploma in Cellular Nutrition Therapy (DCNT) from The Open International University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  He is a Graduate of the Landmark Forum – 1998. International Hydration Specialist and recipient of the "Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI)" diploma of "Hydrogen Advisor." - 2019.

To add to his cloak of laurels he is a "Doctor of Honors" awarded by Medicina Alternativa - The Open International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo in March 2007.  He was also awarded the "Knights of Charity" by the Medicina Alternativa - The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, in March 2008. On top of that, he has also been awarded the "Doctor of Business (Specialization in Wellness & Mind Motivation Training & Development) - November 2022 - Global Human Peace University. " And the list shall go on when it comes to this great personality and his accomplishments.

Dr. Acharjya is also a Law of Attraction Practitioner – Certified by Global Sciences Foundation (Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Steve G. Jones) - 2013. He has been certified in the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Matrix Reimprinting – Conducted by Vitality Living College (Certified by AAMET) – 2012.

Furthermore, in conjunction with his professional breakthroughs he has attended the Health Challenges & Holistic Approach” – Conducted by The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo Malaysia – May 2007, “Wellness Trainers Training” at Trang, Thailand conducted by Empower India Movement, Chennai – 2007, “Developing Leader in You '' by Dale Carnegie Training – 2011 and Money Workshop” by Suresh Padmanabhan – 2013.

Another aspect of the narrative that deserves additional information is that Dr. Acharjya worked as an officer for Canara Bank from August 1975 to November 2006. (Junior Management Scale-I from 1991 till 2006). As Chief Regional Director of Empower India Movement, Chennai, he was responsible for the marketing and sales of various wellness products, as well as serving as a Wellness Trainer and conducting seminars from January 2006 to March 2009. (Eastern Region).

He subsequently did not cease working after that. In 2009, he launched his wellness enterprise, "Success Life Creation," to establish a "World of Wellness" by providing Continuous Education Programs, Mind Motivation, and Wellness Trainings. Workshops / Seminars on “Specific Themes” and areas of research:

  • Positive Living – Cracking the Wellness Code
  • Reach the “Zone” with S.C.O.R.E.®
  • Gather – Grow – Go (Principles of “Think and Grow Rich”)
  • Rise like a Phoenix (Anti-aging Workshop)
  • How to Win… Every Time
  • Open Your Mind and Heart – You have the Key
  • Charging the Human Battery
  • Clarity leads to Success
  • Magical Mind; The Region of Unbound Potentiality
  • Heavenly Sleep for Abundance

Dr. Acharjya has authored many books which are available for a mass audience of readers on various platforms. They are titled under the following heads - The Journey from Illness to Wellness (I to WE), Quantum Leap to Success - The Science of Motivation, Secrets to Peak Performance - Think like a Champion and Hydrate to Elevate.

Presently he is working in association as the Mentor & Chief Trainer of M/S Renatus Wellness Private Limited, Bengaluru and is a.Global Distributor of M/S Enagic India Kangen Water Private Limited, Bengaluru as (6A). As previously said, he conducted countless “Specialized Audio-Visual Workshops / Trainings” for various organizations. He provides inspiring presentations, happiness workshops, and other retreats for individuals and institutions, particularly Direct Sales Organizations. As an Ambassador of Global Health and Wellness, he has 25 plus years of expertise and a plethora of tools to help people understand what it takes to live a healthy life at any age. Thousands of people's lives have been altered because of his work as a Wellness Coach.

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