Michelle Ayon Navajas' 'I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark' is one of the most relatable books you might read

Michelle Ayon Navajas' 'I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark' is one of the most relatable books you might read
Photograph by: Valerie Jane De Lara

Filipino by birth, international bestselling author Michelle Ayon Navajas burst out onto the Indian literary scene with no less than a bang, with her soul touching and impactful books. She is known for her books reaching the #1 spot within days of their release. Eight books old, Michelle is now one of the most sought-after authors especially in India. We can presume that it's purely for her sharp wit, her highly relatable writings, and characters you can’t wait to sink your teeth in. And with her latest, 'I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark', she proves that she can get your heart racing, even with touching poems, while whirlwind romances are known to be her core strength..


'I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark' is Michelle's 8th poetry book and her official entry to Amazon's Pentopublish 2022 book publishing contest. Unlike her previous books that talk so much about love in its glorious ways, this book is about the reality that living and loving are not at all roses. For the first time, she writes about grief and death and how we can heal from experiences that constantly weigh us down so we can move forward.


Regardless of the reader's circumstances, this collection of poems provides a wide range of potent and stirring poetry that address a variety of feelings and experiences in the grieving process including regret, recovery, and other emotions. There is an especially pressing need for works like these at this time since as humans, we are all suffering a great number of losses simultaneously and separately. We urge you to take advantage of this chance and read this magnificent book.


"These words touched my heart to the core as it conveyed the sheer reality of the world. Apart from these this book offers many more such experiences inked beautifully in a poetic form to take your breath away. Soothing work by the author . I really loved reading it," reviewed Jennifer, a reading buff.


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Most readers of this book feel a connection with the poems as they are extremely relatable to their lives. A reader named Komal Soni remarked, "the author has been kind of realistic while talking about love and life in the poems." Another reader, Ali, went on to mention, "Written on topics which each one of us have dealt with and may find relatable to are portrayed exceptionally well in the form of poetry that will touch your heart."


All in all, the book received a positive response from the readers and critics. Though written with Amazon Pentopublish in mind, Michelle would be grateful to the readers for making it a bestseller and resonating their own thoughts in the form of  meaningful reviews.