Galanfi strives to continue with its technology in IoT & making efforts to save natural resources, maintaining a remarkable rate of contribution to the nation’s wealth

Galanfi strives to continue with its technology in IoT &  making efforts to save natural resources, maintaining a remarkable rate of contribution to the nation’s wealth

Galanfi Smart IoT Technology Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based company, is actively involved with its latest IoT Technology under the brand Smartfi which is a tool in saving natural resources like energy, water, gas. Founded in 2021, the company focuses on saving resources for the nation and decreasing the chances of excessive usage. A SaaS-based energy and asset management software company also involved in data Analytics, the company has influenced the saving of resources from 20% to 30%. Returns on investments are also less than 18 months.

Galanfi is also focused on strengthening its position as they are actively representing its products and advanced solutions in higher platforms like Asia’s biggest Electrical and Automation Exhibition ELECRAMA-2023. The event will take place from 18th February 2023 to 23rd February 2023 in Greater Noida.

Being a service-oriented and client-oriented company, the team of professionals and skilled workers with over 14-15 years of experience in the field are dedicated to bringing up solutions concerning conservation and renewable energy segments. The team promises to offer exceptional services to the customers while taking care of every little inconvenience that might take place sometimes.

Using advanced wireless tracking systems for energy and utility management systems, Smartfi tracks and controls energy consumer feeders through internet cloud hosting. Integration of the latest technologies in energy-saving systems, the company employs advanced solutions on MODBUS to 2G/3G/4G/LTE/Wifi/Ethernet on IoT Technology, providing prepaid energy metering, water, and gas solutions.

Through this system, all the manufacturing units commercial buildings, apartments, shopping malls, Hospitals across the world are centralized to an interface without causing any disturbance existing EMS setup. Access to these setups is provided to individual plants while the master control is given to the head office.

Galanfi has been serving many established high-profile companies like South Wester Railways, Kedarnath Sugars, Nirani Sugars, Ecosmart Energy Solutions LLC, Sai Priya Sugars, , and many more.

Adopting proper solutions will help in reducing costs, risk and carbon emissions, the company provides an exceptional system to identify and take actions on problems. As a result, it boosts business performance, reduces energy loss, as the system is quite flexible, ensuring generation of immediate and sustainable savings opportunities.

Why Smartfi?

  • Works on a completely wireless system. The whole system is installed using advanced, reliable, and affordable communication technologies like GSM and GPRS. Rewiring costs are not taken and installation is completed with minimal time for commissioning.
  • Works on a cloud-hosted infrastructure where you do not have to host data servers and allows tracking power consumption through any internet-enabled devices. The company also provides local desktop/LAN based options.
  • The software can be tracked using an android device.
  • Specialized power consumption tracking services with costs involved as per EB tariff.
  • Exceptional SMS or Email alerts on critical situations.


As a platform providing accurate tracking methods in completely wireless methods, many customers have preferred using the interface to contribute its part in saving natural resources. The company is a constant and reliable energy-tracking solutions provider. The response to the company’s advanced interface has influenced people to adopt such solutions to take a step further in saving the environment by minimizing the usage of natural resources.

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