The Principles that changed Dr. Sudhir Arora, an Introvert, Afraid to Talk to People, to Now a Co-Founder of Three Digital Startups!

The Principles that changed Dr. Sudhir Arora, an Introvert, Afraid to Talk to People, to Now a Co-Founder of Three Digital Startups!

Dr. Sudhir Arora is the architect of a unique concept, the "Dreams Achievement Process" (DAP), a scientific model that helps people achieve their dreams. He has learned this model over 28 years while working with global organizations, including Japanese ones. And since then has implemented this model in his personal life and the professionals he mentored during his corporate and entrepreneurship journey. To date, he has mentored more than 300+ individuals using the DAP model and taught the same to more than 5000 people.


He has co-founded two organizations, (with his wife, Neeru) and Sudhir Shashank (with his friend, Col Shashank), helping people implement the Dreams Achievement Process (DAP). He is also the co-founder of yes2stayingFit - a health and wellness community.


Dr.Sudhir has been a certified NLP master coach & law of attraction practitioner and teacher for over ten years. He is an IT Business consulting professional specializing in shopfloor systems. He worked as a Vice President with a multinational automotive conglomerate. Sudhir has nearly 30 years of corporate experience and a history of handling customers from multiple continents. He has an Honorary Doctorate in Mentoring and NLP. He is a student of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think and Grow Rich, Secrets of Millionaire Mind, and also a student at IIM Ahmedabad.


It was around class 10 when Sudhir's father's business started going down around that time. Despite their income decreasing daily, his father provided enough for him to graduate in computer science from MLN college, YNR, Kurukshetra University. As he attended college, their finances worsened. But he claims the association around him got him through it. After that, he started a job for around Rs 1300 monthly in Haridwar. He played a very active role in many social clubs/lions club. But he quit, releasing he needed some change, and decided to shift to Delhi. When he started, building an identity from nothing was hard. 

During his journey (corporate and entrepreneurship), one person was always with him, his wife, Neeru. Neeru is the partner he always wanted to have in life, an ex-IT professional and certified health coach now. Sudhir always mentions that his success is dedicated to his mentors and Neeru. After working for three months at an IT organization in Delhi, he met Neeru, his wife. After that, he changed his job and started working in Gurgaon with a joint venture of a big car manufacturing company. That's when his one side relationship with Neeru became two-sided. He would take a second-hand scooter to meet Neeru after leaving the office. This would be the start of their journey together.


After gaining, corporate success, Sudhir and Neeru decided to start something that would help others. They believed in the principle of "Social entrepreneurship." They wanted to do something where they could help others. They identified the top problem, health, and started working on it. This led to the platform "yes2stayingFit".


A while after that, he threw his mind back, remembering his father's business and how it had failed because of no mentorship. This inspired Sudhir Shashank, which he started in the winter of '21 with his old friend, Col Shashank. The two believed in the power of mentoring and that what you give comes back to you. They also wanted to prevent people from making the same mistakes they made. The world did a lot for him. Now he wishes to give back and is on a journey to help one million people enjoy vibrant health, 10,000 people learn "Dream Achievement Skills," and 1000 profitable entrepreneurs.


Dr.Sudhir strongly believes in four core principles: health, right words, giving back, and dreams. According to him, dreams are one of the most substantial powers out there, and he says this is the most significant. He always mentions that dreams are, in fact, emotional, not logical. But the steps required to achieve a dream cannot be emotional. They need a management process. That is when his DAP comes into play. He strongly recommends his mentees avoid dream stealers and strongly associate with their mentors.


Next, he believes in inspiring others (giving back the society.) While continuing his job, he realized that people had just earned money for themselves and left. That was when he knew he wanted to give back to the society that had given him so much. He wondered what his impact on society was. What would people say about him soon after he left? How many people's lives were bettered because of him? This is also one of the reasons he started "Sudhir Shashank" to give back to society and guide people.


Moreover, he believes that "Fit is the new rich." You can spend your whole life working, ruining your health. But truthfully, you cannot buy a healthy body with the money you've earned. If you ever get a chance to purchase health in life, buy it. No matter how much money you have made, it will exhaust you when your health is compromised.


Last but not least, he believes that what we speak is what we become. Our words attract what we achieve in life and where we are now. We usually say things we do not want, but that is what happens. Most people think these are principles from western civilizations. But, they are actually taught all around eastern religions and cultures. This philosophy is a part of all religions. Suppose you study Gita, Bible, or any other religious text. In that case, you will realize that everyone talks about how your words impact your life.


Sudhir is currently living in NCR with his wife, parents, daughter, son (currently studying in London), and beloved dog.