Kitchen Brand Store - Growing Home and Kitchen Appliances Store in India

Kitchen Brand Store - Growing Home and Kitchen Appliances Store in India

Kitchen Brand Store is the one-stop destination for all homeowners looking for premium and branded home and kitchen appliances at the lowest prices and quick delivery.

Kitchen Brand Store was established in 2015 with the ambition to provide premium quality home products throughout the country. Since its inception, the company has been offering great deals from nearby home and kitchen appliances store to ensure quick delivery to your destination.

Branded products at an affordable cost were one of the major hurdles for customers across India. Numerous eCommerce platforms are available that connect buyers with retail stores making the online buying process smooth and straightforward. However, one heck is high commission on retail price is what punctures the customer's pocket.

Kitchen Brand Store understand their problem and take a step forward to eliminate this hassle with the simplest way of buying home and kitchen appliances online.

Quick delivery was yet another big issue with the eCommerce platforms as they work with one delivery partner. They took a step ahead in this problem and collaborated with multiple delivery partners to make the delivery process quick. Furthermore, this tie-up makes it possible to deliver any home/kitchen appliance to any part of the country.

What Makes Kitchen Brand Store Unique?

Till now, Kitchen Brand Store is connected to over 2000 home and kitchen appliances brand stores across India. With their existence for 7+ years in the market, they have understood every homeowner's pain point and built an ideal platform to buy home and kitchen items at competitive prices.

Regardless of what item customers buy, they always get quick delivery, making it the best among all eCommerce platforms.

Quality item matters when putting your hard-earned money. On most eCommerce platforms, you can't judge the authenticity of product quality, and numerous non-branded items are showcased for sale. However, they follow a different work culture. They thoroughly review every product and brand before listing on the website. A precision review of the product ensures you always get branded appliances for your kitchen or home. Kitchen Brand Store never compromise with quality, and that's another reason to rely on them.

Prime Products They Serve

At Kitchen Brand Store, customers can choose from a vast range of home appliances. Kitchen Chimneys, water heaters, dishwashers, and Air conditioners are some of the prime product categories available. Interestingly, they are not limited to kitchen appliances only.

They also have various categories like IT equipment, clothing, Health and beauty, travel, outdoor and sports, automobile accessories, etc. Customers can use filter options to segregate the data and make a perfect purchase.

Alongside premium products, we also help them in decision-making with quality and detailed guides. E.g., for kitchen chimney buyers, we have a detailed Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide that will educate you about the in-and-out of the appliance and help you in the right decision-making. Here you will find a comprehensive list of kitchen appliances alongside their detailed information and lowest price.

India Brand Store - Expansion from Kitchen Appliances to Home Appliances

Till now, Kitchen Brand Store was limited to offering kitchen products at the best deal in the marketing. Looking forward to expanding the product catalogue and has introduced India Brand Store. India Brand Store is upscaled on the digital platform to encompass all necessary home appliances, gadgets, and electronic items that every homeowner looks forward to buying.

Their vast catalogue will include every essential item required to convert your house into a dream home. Above all, our product prices are highly competitive compared to alternate eCommerce platforms.

Kitchen Brand Store purely works towards lowering the product price by connecting the stores with customers. The business is more driven towards lowering customers' hassle of searching for the right home appliance and ordering it at the lowest price. By introducing India Brand Store, they aim to connect more than 10000 authorized brand stores with different categories.

With the vision to connect every home and kitchen appliances store to the digital platform, Kitchen Brand Store envisioned the scope of catering the best home items to the customers at the lowest possible pricing.

Kitchen Brand Store strives for excellence, and that's why it will soon upscale its tie-up with numerous authorized stores.