North East Sojourn Travels is on its way to becoming the best travel agency for north east tourist destinations.

North East Sojourn Travels is on its way to becoming the best travel agency for north east tourist destinations.

India is a land of diverse cultures and heritage. It is gifted with many amazing places which attract many people. India is one of the major tourist destinations in the world which pulls tourists across the globe. That too our North East Indian states are very much unexplored and have a lot of awestruck places. So there’s a lot of scopes to develop the tourism activity here. Many companies are scaling towards growing their activity in that region.

 North East Sojourn Travels (NEST) is one of the best tour operator companies in the North East which is providing amazing North East Tour Packages in the country. Debjyoti Chanda, the founder of NEST has been working relentlessly to explore his homeland and show that to the tourists living up to the tagline of his company, “Discover the Undiscovered with us.”

The story of establishing the NEST dates back to few years ago. Debjyoti was born and brought up in Dibrugarh, Assam. Coming from an orthodox family, leaving his parents and working in a metro city far away from his hometown was impossible for him. Back in those times, no good career opportunities were available there.

He went on to support his father’s small business which was into lead acid battery manufacturing. But in due course, they couldn’t keep up with the pace of the economy and started facing difficulties in business. So, in 2005 Debjyoti joined an Insurance MNC company. He worked there with all his great efforts and hard work and was promoted to manager until one strange event took place in the year 2017.

He had been on a small vacation to a village called Mechuka, in Arunachal Pradesh, which is near the boundary of China. To his surprise, there was no network and the internet was far away. But still, tourists from all over the country like Germany and America used to visit. He just got amazed that people are visiting the tourist spots even if there were no adequate connectivity facilities. So, he calculated the tourism opportunities. He thought of converting his passion for travelling into a business opportunity. So that he can start the business of promoting North Eastern tourist destinations and even generate employment opportunities for a few people.

He also observed that he has good manpower management and creativity skills during his stint in Corporate Job. So he thought of monetizing those skills to start his own business. So, soon after returning from the vacation he resigned from his work. He started building his dream business of starting a Tour Operator Company and thus North East Sojourn Travels (NEST) came into being. His wife was in a government job so he didn’t have to go through the dry months of no income. So there were not many difficulties for him to concentrate on incorporating his business.

In fact, it was a risky decision for him. But he wanted to start a different kind of business and live his dream life. Back in those days, he had incorporated the Remote work-from-home culture into his business. It was in turn cost-saving for him. He had 2 contractual employees to work with him and they used to work on shared software.

But like any other business, NEST also experienced hard hits during the pandemic days. As the tourism industry went through a hard phase, Debjyoti also got slapped. But he utilized this time to learn new courses in digital marketing, social media marketing, performance marketing, website building and many others. Thus he was preparing himself to reduce the cost of his business and not depend on developers and digital marketing agencies.  Due to this, he was able to provide cheaper and more competitive touring packages. So that he could run his agency smoothly.

But ultimately all his hard work and efforts started paying well results past Covid. North East Sojourn Travels started growing big and making profits. Debjyoti is providing tour packages all over the country that are attractive packages to the northern and northeastern parts. They are giving opportunities for Eastern Himalayan exploration like never before. North East Sojourn Travels is becoming the major travel agency for northeastern tourist destinations. This is all accounting for 25% of growth every year.

Starting a business is not that easy these days. But your hard work and skills can make your dream come true. But meanwhile, patience is very important to be successful.

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