S J Logistics India Limited: Redefining International Logistics with Unparalleled Expertise and Service

S J Logistics India Limited: Redefining International Logistics with Unparalleled Expertise and Service

S J Logistics (India) Limited proudly underscores its eminent position as a leading international logistics service provider, continuing its legacy of over 20 years of delivering unmatched efficiency and reliability.


Setting industry standards since 2003, S J Logistics has ceaselessly evolved, catering to the intricate demands of a dynamic global marketplace. Rising from the need for a trustworthy, ethical partner in the Indian logistics ecosystem, the company has made its mark, consolidating various international logistics services within a single, powerful framework.


"S J Logistics is not merely a service provider; we see ourselves as strategic logistics partners to our clients. Our mission is rooted in innovating cost-effective solutions and offering tailored services that address the holistic requirements of our partners," remarked Rajen Shah, CMD at S J Logistics.


The company's diverse portfolio reflects its expansive industry expertise, serving sectors as varied as yarns, textiles, transmission towers, tires, polyfilms, chemicals, agro commodities, and FMCG. Operating with an astute asset-light business model, S J Logistics consistently guarantees swift, secure, and timely freight transfer across global corridors.


Key highlights of S J Logistics India Limited:


  • Holistic Service Range: Comprehensive offerings spanning freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, NVOCC, and customs clearance.
  • Industry-leading Experience: Over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in logistics.
  • Asset-Light Model: Strategic alliances with a wide spectrum of partners, assuring dependable and efficient global freight transfers.
  • Customized Solutions: A client-centric approach that crafts solutions tailored to individual logistical challenges and needs.


About S J Logistics India Limited: Founded in 2003, S J Logistics India Limited stands as a testament to the ethos of excellence and integrity. Going beyond the traditional boundaries of a logistics provider, the company places itself as an indispensable ally to its partners, constantly pushing the envelope in service quality and innovative solutions.