Discover Your Purpose and Heal Your Inner-Self by learning to practice Yoga Nidra at India’s Life-Changing school, Shrimath Yoga

Discover Your Purpose and Heal Your Inner-Self by learning to practice Yoga Nidra at India’s  Life-Changing school, Shrimath Yoga

Yoga, by now, is known to be a miraculously life-changing practice all over the World. It is a discipline that builds the connection between the body and mind as well as fosters wellness and a stress-managed life. The benefits of Yoga are numerous; however, what makes this practice so popular is that it can be done by anyone and can be altered to meet the needs of someone in the process of healing or self-discovery.

Regular Yoga practice boosts up physical and mental energy, besides leading to improved sleep quality. Since Yoga has always been deeply rooted in Indian culture, the establishment of Yoga schools across the nation has led to an increase in the number of Yoga seekers. Shrimath is a boutique Yoga school in Bangalore's outskirts that is recognised by the Indian government supported Indian Yoga Association (IYA), Yoga Alliance International, World Yoga Federation, and Yoga Alliance (US). 

Krishna Prakash is a life coach, Yogacharya, thought leader in the Indic knowledge systems, author, entrepreneur, and the founder of the international residential Yoga school, Shrimath. After working in the wellness space till 2010, Krishna sensed an opportunity to establish boutique Yoga school where seekers from all parts of the globe could experience authentic Yoga as a system rather than mere postures. This led him to establish Shrimath in 2011, which offers a blend of ashram learning, home food and simple living on its two-and-a-half-acre campus.

He is also passionate about the Indic Knowledge Systems (IKS), which dictates the first idea as 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam' which means that the World is one family and therefore, tolerance can be re-established. It emphasises on the idea of freedom of expression and living, as well as invokes the need to undertake the journey of self-mastery to develop a deeper understanding of one’s life's purpose and role in it. Secondly, IKS states the idea of prosperity, peace, and success in every aspect of life through self-mastery.

Shrimath follows the Yoga of Adi Sankara, where Yoga is practiced and seen as a gateway to Vedanta. Apart from Anatomy and Yogic Psychology, it facilitates learning Yoga as a system with inputs from Veda, Tantra, Yoga including the Bhagavad Gita. It also offers small batch sizes (of up to only 10 per batch) and experienced teachers, the opportunity to give back to society and follow up on practice. To date, Shrimath Yoga has successfully served more than 12,500 clients / seekers and gained widespread international recognition.

In 2013, Shrimath became the first Yoga school in the World to be approved by Yoga Alliance International to offer a Certificate course in Yoga Nidra. Krishna states that ‘Traditional Yoga Nidra’ should be learned by everyone as it teaches one to manage thought-induced stress, thereby reducing health issues and furthering understanding in professional and personal lives. Yoga Nidra is a time-tested and clinically verified Yogic technique that has been taught by Krishna not only to the course participants from 43 different countries, but he also applied it in the day-to-day operations of Shrimath.

The Yoga School has received several awards and recognition, including the Certificate of Excellence since 2014, the Hall of Fame in 2019, and Travellers' Choice in 2020 from international travel portal TripAdvisor.

The year 2022 marked an important shift as the pandemic resulted in the adoption of two initiatives, keeping in mind what the World would need in the next decade. A vertical was hived off from Shrimath – (1) Traditional Yoga Nidra’, a scientific way to relax, destress, and work towards one's desires. and (2) Indic Life Coaching: understanding and application of ever-relevant Indic principles for peace, prosperity, and happiness. Under the leadership of Krishna Prakash, Shrimath will therefore continue to strive in its endeavour to evolve as an institution that adds value to the lives of people all across the World.

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