Musings and Memories Podcast By Madhurima Guruju Wins Pages Of Perfection Award

Musings and Memories Podcast By Madhurima Guruju Wins Pages Of Perfection Award

In a resounding celebration of literary excellence, Cherry Book Awards has shared its coveted "Pages of Perfection Award" recipients, among whom stands the luminous Madhurima Guruju for her Spotify podcast channel Musings and Memories. Adjudicated through a meticulous evaluation process, this recognition shines a spotlight on authors who have masterfully woven narratives that transcend conventional boundaries.


About Madhurima Guruju


There are some poets being brutally honest about theories of lives while there are some poets on the other hand, floating on the dreams and making them come true with words.

In today's world as contemporary poets are emerging, they succeed  by establishing a cult fan base for their verses that are more than alive with rhythm. One such poet amongst the literary circle is known to be Madhurima Guruju who is known for her published books entitled "Musings on Life" and "Musings and Memories"


Apparently, Madhurima has been practicing to maintain her low key and seemed to have still been stagnant on social media and this decision didn't affect her mental state whilst she is able to focus on honing her skills. Her vigilant move is an advert proof of her works that's been garnered with love from the readers and listeners across the world. Madhurima Guruju the poet, Teacher and Visual artist is now gearing up for her book based on the actor Naveen Polishetty. in addition to the writing, she is even gaining decent popularity for her podcast channel "Musings and Memories" available on Spotify.


On the workfront, Madhurima has been impressing readers and listeners with her consistent writings and content creations simultaneously for blog and podcast channel. The blogs that are available through "Medium" under the copyright of Madhurima are merely related to the process of her upcoming book based on the actor "Naveen Polishetty". These blogs have significant reflection and perception from an author's point of view that blends well with the research curated information on the journey of Naveen Polishetty, enabling an opportunity for readers to comprehend the mammoth undertaking of this book which will soon be published. And when it comes to the podcast channel titled "Musings and Memories" it provides a space for listeners to introspect their lives along with the host's passive form of story telling which gives cryptic information about how Madhurima defies odds in her daily life. Apparently, both of her curated contents have been attaining compliments in harmony.


With all the hurdles Madhurima had been facing then , it looks like the art has consolidated her that resulted in fixating her vision towards literature and education. Being a passionate Teacher, the author and poet has been even cultivating her roots in literary arts which is evident through her promiscuous curations in crafting her content.

For now, the listeners will avail this golden chance to listen to her musings frequently through her podcast channel "Musings and Memories" and the good news is, her upcoming book on Naveen Polishetty is the first one after a long break of a couple of years will release hence the blogs are presented for the readers to take a peek through of the process. And we wish her all the best certainly waiting for the book and looking more from "Musings and Memories"


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Madhurima's triumphant success is attributed to her unparalleled ability to interlace profound storytelling with meticulous research, forging a literary odyssey that both captivates and enlightens This award not only commends her remarkable contribution to literature but also underscores the enduring power of words to inspire and transform.