Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal: Healing Lives And Awakening Consciousness For Decades

Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal: Healing Lives And Awakening Consciousness For Decades

People who are self-disciplined and self-aware of their abilities and opportunities, as well as their immediate and surrounding environments, are often touted as the ones who will ultimately succeed. It's true that realizing our full potential and being aware of our surroundings makes the journey to success that much smoother.

Some people can realize their full potential on their own, while others need to be shown the way or guided. If you are one of the few who are looking for a guide, you should not venture far.

Meet Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal - a prominent voice in the field of energy healing, mindfulness, and awakening consciousness.

Apart from being an eminent integrated healer, Tarannum is also an accomplished author, speaker, intuitive coach, and master of mindfulness. She possesses a Master's degree in Psychology and is also certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner, a TimeLine master practitioner, and a Hypnotherapy master practitioner. She has changed and helped people for more than 20 years, in addition to carrying out extensive research in the field of parapsychology.

Tarannum has had an impact on the lives of over 2 lakh people around the world. This is through her teachings, intuitive counseling and coaching sessions, and Path to Enlightenment training programs that she has delivered through her organization, Enlightenment®.

It is said that once a person becomes aware of their potential, it becomes easier for them to move mountains. People who are exceptionally talented and gifted demonstrate their abilities at an early age in their lives. It wasn't different in Tarannum's case either. She was the first person to realize that she was different from the majority of children her age. Her psychic abilities came out after she had a dream in which her dead grandfather told her that her father would die and that hard times were ahead.

Her grandfather's spirit further told her that this was a unique gift that she had and that she must use it to help society. After her father’s demise (as predicted by her grandfather’s spirit), Tarannum had to step into the role of provider. During her college and early career days, Tarannum realized that she could read the thoughts of people and counsel them, helping them overcome their difficulties.

Tarannum, being a logical and rational individual, sought the guidance of her psychology professors to dispel the notion that she was somehow "gifted." The professors recommended that she read works by such luminaries as Carl Gustav Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst), Stanley Krippner (a psychologist and parapsychologist), and Dr. J.B. Rhine (a botanist and the founder of the field of parapsychology). These men's writings and studies have had a profound impact on her.

Tarannum was inspired to learn more after reading the works of such luminaries. And after carrying out exhaustive research on the subject, she accepted the fact that she indeed possessed a truly exceptional "gift." This led to the eventual realization that she could use her powers to heal and empower people struggling through various struggles in their lives.

She curated a program called Enlightenment, which helps develop metaphysics and hone the sixth sense, out of a deep desire to empower individuals so that they can view their life challenges as nothing but miracles waiting to unfold. They can realize their soul dreams.

Over the years, she has developed and curated several programs to assist individuals in realizing their potential and gaining greater clarity in their lives. Among these is the Destiny Soul Cleansing Program (DSC). She curated a program called Destiny Soul Cleansing, which helps an individual to change their lives by doing “Depth work". It helps individuals to cleanse their subconscious mind and enables them to kick start a new way of living, stress-free and many have even seen massive shifts in their mindset. Because they see radical shifts, miracles unfold effortlessly in their lives. This program is intended to guide individuals through a process of developing and enhancing their intuitive abilities and employing their higher consciousness. Each level is intended to have a lasting impact on the individual, and the skills learned can be applied long after the course has concluded. People have experienced a profound shift in their soul journey and gained greater clarity in their lives as a result of this program.

In the Destiny Soul series, individuals learn ways to understand spiritual vibrations and how to create their distinctive blueprint by altering any aspects of their lives that they do not like.

In the series, individuals also learn about ways to take control of their existence and become the Lord of their domain.

Discovering the subtle aspects of one's reality, such as the nature of one's vocation, relationships, surroundings, and way of life, is possible for one through a journey known as "soul destiny." To put it another way, this is how it is being expressed.