Your Trusted Medium for Solving Mental Health Problems- Tarot Card Reader, Ruma Marwah

Your Trusted Medium for Solving Mental Health Problems- Tarot Card Reader, Ruma Marwah

Tarot card readers are intuitive practitioners who are known to communicate with spirit guides or angels and reveal pathways through a deck of cards carrying specific meaning. Tarot readings are increasingly becoming popular and are known to positively impact mental and emotional health besides helping in healing. The readings are known to open a channel and help one deeply connect with their inner self by reflecting on signs and synchronicities.

In this sense, tarot cards play an important role in serving as a useful and powerful weapon, a growth toolbox for individuals by giving them direct access to their subconscious mind. Ruma Marwah is a New Delhi and Bengaluru  based certified tarot card reader, numerologist and NLP and shaman Practioner  who is on a mission to make tarot reading accessible, knowledgeable and easy for all. She believes that ultimately, tarot cards are all about letting the soul hear the inner voice or intuition and her understanding and experience of what each tarot card means, guides an individual on the road of peace and happiness.

Ruma is known to have an empathetic persona, who loves to connect with different people on a deeper soul level. Besides being spiritually inclined, she lays fervent belief in the universe and her intuition. Ruma’s purpose has always been to tap into the cosmic energy around her clients and help them gain insights about their past, present and future. Through her readings, she aims to bring clarity and optimism by acting as a messenger of God, serving the purpose through tarot cards and numerology.

She describes that in a state of uncertainty, when one is fighting their feelings, getting a tarot reading can prove to be beneficial for the mental health as it gives an individual a sense of control. Ruma states that tarot cards are the storybook of life, the mirror to the soul, and the key to true thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, hopes, wishes and actions, or non-actions which someone takes towards their problems or goals. She exclaims that the exciting part is, the more precise a person is with his/her questions, the more insightful the cards can be in helping them move forward in life.

Further, in order to address an individual’s mental and physical health issues, Ruma suggests tarot cards such as the Empress, the Devil, Nine of Swords, & the Death card. She explains that the occurrence of these cards in a tarot reading helps a tarot reader inform the client or apprise them of any diseases they are suffering from. Moreover, according to Ruma, tarot reading works as a mental hygiene regimen and forms a valuable component of a holistic approach to mental health by helping an individual cope with mental illness, and guiding them in the right direction so that they can change their path which is no longer serving them and overcome all difficulties.

Ruma strongly believes that tarot reading can help one build self-confidence in themselves because such guided readings positively impact the thought process and helps one become more secure and aware about their inner self. She encourages people to contact her for any help required for achieving success in life, overcoming mental illness, or any other aspect as clarity of mind lets a person stick to his/her principles.



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