P2 Visuals Photography: The Best Photography Team In Coastal Region Of Karnataka.

P2 Visuals Photography: The Best Photography Team In Coastal Region Of Karnataka.

Photography is an amazing skill. Today photography is not limited to hobby but many verticals that have emerged in the world have opened doors to build a stable career around photography. That too wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, corporate photographers are in high demand today. The maestro photographer Pratheek Prakash creates his own brand called P2 Visuals Photography with his exclusive art of photography.

Capturing the best moments of your wedding is like reliving that moment whenever you see your wedding pictures. But at the same time wedding photography is such an incredible skill and a mixture of art. You’ve to reconstruct the best frame for your clients.

Pratheek Prakash was born in Kundapur, in Udupi district. He’s an amazing photographer who has been a household name Called P2 Visuals Photography in the coastal area of Karnataka, i.e. Udupi, Mangalore. He is recognized for his brilliant works in the field of photography. Basically he is from a city called Kundapura in Udupi district, Karnataka. With his photography company P2 Visuals Photography, he’s been working all over the area and has captured the invaluable moments for his clients across the area.

But his journey is not a bed of roses. He has his own ups and downs while traveling in the path of best photographer in Mangalore. He has experienced even dry months for a period. He has spent weeks and even weeks without clients and orders for his work.

Pratheek’s love for photography started from his childhood only. He started working as a light boy under many photographers and videographers. That light captivated him. Those colors and lights captivated and sparked his interest in photography. So he opted to pursue education in the same field. He studied the Diploma in Animation and VFX.

During his study only he had visualized bringing his dream of being a photographer into reality. But he didn’t have clarity on his business idea. He lacked the proper path in order to make that happen. So he concentrated on the wedding photography section. Thus he joined a studio as a freelance wedding photographer in a studio in Mangalore. It was going smooth when he was working there.

But the table turned adversely when he opened his own office in 2018 in mangalore. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a single client that year. He waited so patiently to get one order to prove his ability. But after waiting for more than one year, it was on November 10th  Josna Shetty gave  first event in Mangalore. He gave his 100% and applied all his learning there. The event went well and he was appreciated for his work by the client.

Later Pratheek started advertising his brand on digital and social media. Fortunately this fetched him more than 30 wedding events in 2020. He worked so hard day in and day out to bring P2 Visuals higher. But as the global market fell in 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic, his company too felt tremors. It affected him so badly that he lost his office and many events and clients that were planned to happen. Pratheek got disappointed a lot. But he didn’t lose hope. He believed in his skill and work.

Meanwhile he utilized that time in learning skills and art in photography. He took many online courses related to his field. He also learnt digital marketing to market and to promote his business online. He restarted his business again after the world market reopened. From 2021 to 2022, Pratheek did more than 100 wedding events. He also got some corporate events. So, his business came on track due to his brilliance and clean hands at work.

Now, Pratheek is looking to expand his business. Through his excellence in photography he has worked in more than 10 cities of Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. Now he’s taking orders not only limited to wedding photography but also for pre wedding, corporate photoshoots, in house events and others. But his expertise lies in constructing an excellent frame of wedding events. Destination wedding and concept based wedding photoshoots have brought him a wide popularity.  He has a lot of experience in the same. He specializes in Hindu and Christian wedding events.

2023 has been a great start so far for P2 Visuals. He has completed a good amount of events now. He has a handful of orders for his future too. Prateek is looking forward to making the year best to give the best of his work.