Good books deserve a special place in every person's home. Books have the power to change a person completely, but due to so many books being published all over the world, it is not easy for a reader to select the must-read ones. Therefore, we have three amazing book recommendations by talented and popular authors Rubal Choudhary, Kshama Rao, and of course, the Global Literary Sensation Ka'Ron Gaines.


My Way to The Moon by Rubal Choudhary


The Award Winning and Record Holding Artist, Rubal Choudhary is now an author of the book, “My Way to the Moon”, an unusual poetry book set on the theme Moon.


It is a collection of prose swirling between the chants of moon symbolizing Eternity and Immortality. One could easily relate to the quotes and poetries she has carved on the topic “MOON”.


The book is all about Moon and for the ones who love Moon i. e. Selenophiles. It holds both a Bad and a Good side of a human, symbolising Love and Unity.


Recognized by Bravo International Book of Records, it is all ready to hit the market and is available on platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, Google Book.


A girl with enthusiastic spirit, who not only wants to fly but also wants to achieve all possible things which can be achieved on this planet.


Just like the falcon she wants to fly high, breaking all the barriers coming in her way.


She is Rubal Choudhary from Gurgaon, Haryana, currently doing MA in English Literature. She has been a best selling author of the book - "My Way to the Moon" which was recognised by Bravo Book of Records.


A selenophile, avid read, artist and what not, she is an ambivert and a learner who only wants to learn and grow and explore things without limit.


Achieving records and awards, has been very special to her, because she feels "Growth starts with a small move and lasts long."


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Bal Sanskar - A modern guide to daily routine and good manners for children by Kshama Rao


Kshama is the CEO & FOUNDER of Kashmira Puravasini Publications. Aim of this publication is to help aspiring writers to publish their writings.


Kshama is a post graduate in Human Development from Bangalore University. She was in Africa for eight years during her childhood as her father was serving as a doctor there.


Author Kshama has written and published sixteen books which are sold on many online sites and few offline sites. Her book is sold on the shelf of world's largest bookstore BARNES AND NOBLE. Kshama has a passion to write and share her knowledge with readers. She has co- authored more than fifty books.


She has received many awards like  Spirit Mania popular author award, UNIMO Top thirty age below fifty, Women's excellence award, Shero award, Critic space award, Literoma award, Laureate award, Naaari samman award, Star award and  the Munshi Prem chand kahaani ratna award. She has received the Writer award for Reporther e newspaper.


Her non fiction books are all about natural remedies as commercial products are full of toxins and cause problem to our environment and the human beings. Kshama loves to rediscover traditional values. She has written two novels and her short stories convey a message to the readers. She has written more than five hundred articles for different blogs with world wide readers. She was interviewed in the Asian Chronicle newspaper, Kadalvani newspaper of south coastal region, M.T Kenya Times and in many different blogs. Kshama has self studied astrology and she has written spiritual and motivational books for the adults and good manners and grow spiritually book for the kids too.


Directing and acting in dramas, dancing and drawing portraits and singing are her hobbies.


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Woke Seed Book by Ka'Ron Gaines


Woke Seed is the story of a boy named Light. He finds himself on an unplanned trip to his Uncle’s house that leads to new friends, new fun, and new ideas. Your young reader can enjoy the colorful pages, an exciting adventure, and the start of enlightened conversations.


The global literary sensation and Creator of the term Woke Seed, Ka’Ron Gaines is a proud father, author, activist, founder of programs, and Creator of businesses. He founded the Grades Is Money School Tour, Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour, The More than a Baby Daddy Fresh Start Program, Our Community Cleanup Crew, and Team Southside. He is also a recording artist under the stage name “Mr. One God”. Gaines is the founder and owner of One God Clothing, which spreads the message of One Race, One Culture, One God through a fashionable art form. He is a talented actor who has played in multiple independent films, some still in the process of being released.


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There are a plethora of books available in the market but we tried to recommend the best ones that you must definitely read irrespective of the genre you prefer. We expect a lot of good work from these three popular and talented authors.