Vijay Dalwani – DNY Hospitality – Putting Restaurant consulting on the world map

Vijay Dalwani – DNY Hospitality – Putting Restaurant consulting on the world map

Vijay Dalwani – a renowned Entrepreneur, Mentor and Startup Consultant, has been creating and managing successful organizations since over 25 years.  One of his ventures DNY Hospitality Pvt Ltd, has been a well-known name in the field of Hospitality Consulting.  We had an informal chat with Vijay about his journey in the hospitality consulting business.


Vijay started this company 12 years back when Hospitality Consulting was at a very nascent stage and not many good consultants were operating in the market.  The food industry always has been the most sought business but has its own challenges due to lack of awareness in the founders.  Moreover, food and restaurant industry has been highly unstructured, especially in Tier-2 Tier-3 cities which adds to the challenges of the Industry.


In the last decade, DNY Hospitality has consulted over 500 projects globally and is one of the leading players in this segment.  Their goodwill precedes them constantly and this brings in 100s of new inquiries each month from all over the world.


We sat down with Vijay to learn more about his approach to consulting and to get his top tips for restaurant owners.


Vijay believes that the key to success in the restaurant industry is to focus on the customer experience. "It's not just about the food," he says. "It's about creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for the customer from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave."


To do this, Vijay recommends paying close attention to details like ambiance, service, and menu design. He also emphasizes the importance of regularly training and motivating staff to ensure they are providing the best possible service.


Another key aspect of Vijay's approach is data-driven decision making. DNY team collects and analyzes data on everything from sales and customer feedback to kitchen efficiency and staff performance. This allows them to identify problems and implement solutions that are based on real, measurable results.


When asked about his top piece of advice for restaurant owners, Vijay said, "Don't be afraid to make changes. The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and it's important to stay on top of trends and adapt to meet the needs of your customers."


Overall, Vijay's holistic and data-driven approach has helped DNY achieve great success as a restaurant consulting company. His insights and advice can be invaluable for any restaurant looking to improve their operations and increase profits.


As a successful Restaurant Consulting company, DNY Hospitality has been working with several Restaurants, QSR outlets, Cafes, Lounge Bars, Nights Clubs, Central Kitchens, Multi-location food and beverage brands etc.

What makes DNY Hospitality India’s leading consultant is their 360 degree approach and help clients in the entire process of setting up a restaurant, not just give them menu and recipe suggestions and some downloaded restaurant themes which generally consultants do.


Vijay has also been instrumental in turning around several legacy food brands who have been successful at one location since years but never got success in expanding to different locations. 


Truly, Vijay has put Hospitality Consulting on a global map and is proud of the fact that foodpreneurs from different countries call them for consulting support.  A very proud Indian company helping global clients.


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