Why Were You Born, Afterall?

Why Were You Born, Afterall?

Varsha Singh, known as Mysterious Varsha on social media, is the only psychic reader and medium who can help you know your Life Purpose, the reason for which you are born. Mysterious Varsha, the founder of AsTarotscope Life Purpose report was divinely guided to create awareness about life purpose through techniques she was downloaded with during one of her sadhana or dhyanam.


Varsha Singh believes that the universe, the higher consciousness, wants to awaken many sleeping souls to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.


AsTarotscope Life Purpose Report helps in knowing about the reason and purpose of one's birth under given circumstances. It's important to note here that, the real purpose of our birth, is to achieve absolute happiness & success in all aspects of life, be it materialistic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Varsha Singh's AsTarotscope Life Purpose Report focuses on reading the present life's karmic path that one must follow to lead a satisfying life - a life which is in accordance with one's soul journey. It also highlights various unlearnt life lessons which are hindering one's growth in this lifetime. Overall, it covers everything one must know about the past life's unhealed wounds, healing journey, fortune storehouse, karmic baggage, blessings & blockages along with exact path to get healed and come back on track, in this lifetime.


When a child is born, some soul information is already embedded in child's cellular memory. Also, every life born on the Earth, has a purpose behind going through various trials & tribulations and everyone, including a small child, must know what, why, when, where is the route to transcend all of that. Just the way we all have our horoscopes made exactly after we were born, Varsha Singh strongly recommends everyone to have their AsTarotscope Life Purpose Report made too, at the earliest. Knowing one's Life Purpose "as soon as possible" will help one to identify one's blockages and fortune as one moves towards growth, happiness, love, finances, health, peace, harmony, etc. This will help the person to sail through the negative & narrow down the chances of failures in life.


The AsTarotscope Life Purpose Report is a 7-8 pages extensive report which takes 4 days to prepare. As mentioned earlier, it covers various "SECRET" aspects of one's life- the do's & don'ts in this lifetime, soul journey for which the person is born again & again, karmic paths in this lifetime, karmic debts and the past wounds which can prevent one from identifying the life purpose or get to know why a certain pattern is repeating in his/her life.


Varsha Singh's AsTarotscope Life Purpose report will also have an exclusive set of psychically channelled messages at the end of the report. These messages and remedies help in overcoming issues that can arise in the way to follow the advice given in the report.


Under the brand name Mysterious Varsha, along with Psychic Reading session, which involves answering all sorts of questions regarding money, health, property, love, marriage, etc., Varsha Singh innovated a completely new way to analyse one's soul journey with AsTarotscope Life Purpose report. It answers deeper level questions. It includes analysing soul-purpose, karmic patterns, soul gifts, careers to choose from, sources of fortune accumulation, fate - defining important decisions, previous lifetimes' unavoidable truth due to which person may be stuck in relationship, finances or health matters. Thus, it acts as a ROAD MAP of what one must surrender to balance oneself and what one must strive to change the destiny. Making choices between various life challenges, like which one should be accepted, as it is, and which battle must be fought to transform life, becomes easier through AsTarotscope Life Purpose Analysis.


AsTarotscope Life Purpose Report does not deal with reading the planetary movements - sun signs, moon signs or rashis, lagna, etc., like in Astrology. Rather, it is based on the actual size of the constellation at the time a person was born. It has been scientifically proven that our universe is ever expanding and is in continuous balance between construction & destruction. And, the horoscopes in astrology are based on an average size of our constellation. That radically changed the planetary positions too. So, you would have noted most horoscopes do not match one's life journey; or, the predictions fail. Not because your astrologer is wrong but the basis of their reading, your horoscope, is wrongly made.  However, firstly this issue doesn't exist in AsTarotscope reading and secondly, it covers completely different areas - placement of stars, various black points, asteroids, etc., which are not even mentioned in Astrology. The only common thing between Astrology and AsTarotscope Life Purpose Reading is that they both require your Birth details.


If this resonates with you, and you are seeking to see the bigger picture of life, wanting to cut through all limiting tendencies, unearth various secrets of your life, then WHY don’t you book AsTarotscope Life Purpose Reading now. WHY do you still wish to stay in the dark, when the divine is ready to shed its love and light on you? Varsha Singh can add more "LIFE" to your ongoing life. Connect with her "www.instagram.com/mysteriousvarsha/" to see how magical you are and dive into the life's most powerful experience through AsTarotscope life purpose report.


Varsha Singh (Mysterious Varsha) has been a psychic reader & healer for almost a decade now with many happy clients across the globe - Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, London, Malaysia, USA, Spain, Dubai along with a wide network in India. With the help of Varsha Singh's psychic skill, you can find clarity in life and manifest the life you always desired. If you are eager to know the reality of your life, harmonise your relationships, improve your finance & health related conditions, and discover your career path, then the platform of Mysterious Varsha is the best for you to receive simple manifestation techniques, develop abundance mindset and boost psychic powers.


Mysterious Varsha conducts online classes on Mindfulness & Creative Sound Healing, Aura Energising & 5th Dimensional Healing, Runes reading, Lenormand Card Reading, Pendulum Healing Course and many more. Varsha Singh is also the founder of the world’s first ever Ancient Symbols based Oracle card - Symbol Augury Card.

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